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Yale list

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Harvard list

A. Equality of what?
  • Arneson, R., ‘Equality and Equal Opportunity for Welfare’, Philosophical Studies 56 (1989), 77-93, andreprinted in L.P. Pojman and R. Westmoreland, Equality. Selected Readings (OUP, 1997),pp.229-241
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  • Daniels, N., ‘Equality of What: Welfare, Resources or Capabilities?’, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (1990, Supplement), or in his Justice and Justification (CUP, 1996), pp. 208-231
  • Dworkin, R., ‘What is Equality? Part 1: Equality of Welfare’ and ‘What is Equality? Part 2: Equality of Resources’ in PPA 10 (1981), 185-246 & 283-345, and reprinted in his Sovereign Virtue (Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 2000), pp.11-119
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B. The value of equality
  • Anderson, E.S., ‘What is the Point of Equality?’, Ethics 109 (1999), 287-337
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C. Equality, incentives and efficiency
  • Carens, J., ‘Rights and Duties in an Egalitarian Society’, Political Theory 14 (1986), 31-49
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D. Equality of opportunity and positive discrimination
  • Dworkin, R., Taking Rights Seriously (Duckworth, 1977), chapter 9
  • Edwards, J.R., Positive Discrimination, Social Justice and Social Policy (Tavistock, 1987)
  • Ezorsky, G., Racism and Justice (New York: Cornell UP, 1991), chs 1-4
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  • Schaar, J.J., Equality of Opportunity, and Beyond, , in J. Chapman and R. Pennock (eds.), NOMOS IX:Equality (Atherton, 1967), reprinted in L.P. Pojman and R. Westmoreland (eds.), Equality.

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